School Contacts: Program Enrollment or Withdrawal

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You can enroll your child in the Blessings in a Backpack Grand Ledge program at any time during the school year (our budget permitting). Please contact the Blessings in a Backpack representative at your child’s school to enroll or withdraw your child from the program:

Beagle Elementary: Amy Hirschman, 517-925-5481, email:
Delta Center: Joan Pedraza, 517-925-5540, email:
Holbrook Early Childhood Education: Michelle Priest, 517-925-5640, email:
Neff Kindergarten Center: Teresa Miller, 517-925-5740, email:
St. Michael: Cheryl Olson, 517-627-2167, email:
Wacousta Elementary: Cindy Zerbe, 517-925-5940, email:
Willow Ridge Elementary: Leesha Lee, 517-925-5775, email:
Grand Ledge High School (serving the homeless high school youth): Nancy Folkertsma, 517-975-5900,


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