Thanks to our sponsors (click on Sponsorship Level Donors above) and other generous community members, Blessings In A Backpack Grand Ledge is funded for the first year of operations to send weekend food survival backpacks home with the at-risk kids at Beagle Elementary School.    While we are always in need of more funds and are grateful for donations at any time of the year,  we are now  focusing our efforts on getting the program up and running smoothly until our official fundraising season begins again in January for the 2012-13 school year.

If all goes as planned and the food order arrives on time for our October 17 backpack packing,  the first backpacks will be sent home with the at-risk students on October 19.

Not only has has the community stepped forward with funds to make this program happen,  but the response to the call for volunteers for packing the backpacks has been overwhelming.    We have different groups booked on the calendar each week during school year well into 2013.   The response has been so great that volunteer coordinator Lyn Danes is now  putting future volunteers’ names on a waiting list.

You made this happen, Grand Ledge!    Our children are our future.   The whole Grand Ledge community stepped up to the plate to make sure that the at-risk kids at Beagle have something on their plates to tide them over on the weekends during the school year.


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